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Attendee and Event Management at The Door

Eventbee provides all the tools and tricks that you need to successfully manage your event "at-the-door" operations, such as checking in attendees, selling tickets, etc.

Check-In Attendees

With Attendee List

You can manage and check-in attendees at the event by generating and printing the attendee list. From your event manage page, print the attendee list, and at the venue, hand it over to the staff responsible for checking them in. They will then cross check the attendee’s name with the confirmation emails that the attendees bring to the venue.

With Event Manager App for Android

With the Event Manager App, you can easily perform attendee and event management tasks, even when there is no internet at the venue.

Here are the some of the features that we provide for the Event Manager App:

Easy Attendee Search

With the Easy Attendee Search, you can quickly find the attendees by their first or last name. You can also sort and filter the list of attendees by their first or last name or their check-in status.

QR Code Scanning

You can use the attendee’s QR code located on their printed email confirmation or their mobile phone to check them into the event. The camera built into your device can be used to quickly scan attendees into the event!

Offline Check-In

If you don’t have Internet access at the event, there is Offline Check-In. With this feature, you can download the list of attendees to your app either at home or in your office where you have internet connection. This then makes it possible to check-in the attendees at the venue without having to connect to the Internet.

This app is free and runs on all the latest Android devices. Click below to download Event Manager app:

Event Manager App for Android - Event Management

With Attendee Check-In App for iOS

The Attendee Check-In app is an app made specifically for the iPhone and iPad. You can use this app to check in attendees right at the front door. Just scan them in by using their QR code located on their confirmation emails or mobile phones. Once you check-in attendee, we sync that information with the Eventbee servers so that you have multiple check-ins on multiple iPhones or iPads. You no longer have to use those big and expensive scanning devices, resulting in huge savings.

This app is free on the App Store. Click below to download Attendee Check-In app:

Attendee Check-In App for iOS - Event Management

Sell Tickets

Why not sell tickets at the venue by using the Eventbee Event Manager app? All you have to do is enable the payment processing method you would like to use and the information that you want to collect from the attendees straight from the event management page. The door staff can then sell tickets right at the venue, process ticket payments, and generate ticket confirmations in real-time.

Sub Managers

Sub Managers are a great way to delegate and branch out the tasks at the event for easy event management, like checking in attendees at the venue or managing ticket sales. Sub Managers can only access the part of the event management functionality that you’ve assigned them to. This is a great way to give tasks out to others, without giving them access to other sensitive information, like sales volume and ticket proceeds.