ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit

The real-time web is creating new opportunities in business, media, communication and collaboration.  We are bringing together industry leaders using the real-time web in social networks, financial services, media and nonprofit groups to discuss:
*the state of the art, science and business of the real-time web
*efforts to create standards and interoperability
*challenges in user experience, technology and monetization

ReadWriteWeb is inviting smart and diverse participants, asking the key questions and facilitating the creation of a final agenda on-site and in real time.  The real-time web is changing so fast that no predetermined agenda of talking heads on stage can do it justice.  A new web requires new thinking and we're excited to be co-producing this event with Kaliya Hamlin, a facilitator with years of experience drawing the best knowledge from groups of people working together.

We don't claim to have all the answers about an emerging era of technology - we want you to come, learn, collaborate, and move the industry forward with us.