Sell Tickets For Live Online Virtual Events, Webinars, Classes and Streams - Eventbee
Going virtual with your events? Now you can do it on Eventbee with few clicks!

Inbuilt Integration

We have integrated ticketing with streaming platforms like Zoom and Google Meetings. Just enter meeting ID or embed HTML code to stream your events right on to Eventbee hosted attendee pages!

Attendee Page

Registered attendees receive a confirmation email with a link to the attendee page. This page is hosted on Eventbee, and exclusively accessed by your attendees. Customize this page with your branding and relevant content meant for the attendees.

One Place to Sell Tickets

If you are streaming multiple virtual meetings within a single event, or selling tickets for physical and virtual meetings, you can do it all by creating a single event at Eventbee. Create multiple ticket types and tie them to a specific virtual meeting or a physical event.

One Place to Join Virtual Meetings

All your virtual meetings are available on the attendee page to join. Attendees just visit this page and join the meeting with a single click, if any virtual meeting is tied to a specific ticket, they just enter the attendee key to join the meeting.
You don’t pay tons of percentage fees - simple flat fee per ticket, regardless of ticket price!
  • Basic
  • $1
    per ticket

  • $1.50
  • $2.50