Eventbee - Your Online Registration, Event Ticketing And Event Promotion Solution
Easy Attendee Search

Quickly search for attendees by first or last name. Sort and filter the list of attendees by first name, last name, or check-in status.

QR Code Scanning

Scan QR code on the printed email confirmation or on an attendee's mobile phone. You can use the camera built into your device for quick scanning!

Offline Check-In

Download the list of attendees to your app at home or in your office where you have internet connection. This makes it possible to check-in attendees at the venue without connecting to internet.
Sub Manager Support

Within your account, you can assign sub managers for your event and delegate attendee check-in tasks to your at-the-door staff.

Real Time Attendance Monitoring

Login as a manager to view all of the check-in activity and real time attendance for the event.

Sell Tickets
Process Credit Cards

Sell tickets and process credit cards at the door. No need to have separate credit card processing terminal.

At The Door Tickets

Create an at-the-door ticket type, which can be sold only at the door using this app.

Cash or Check payments

Collect attendee information for cash or check payments at the door, and centralize all the attendee information in one place.
Sub Manager Support

Assign sub managers for the event and delegate ticket selling tasks to your at-the-door staff.

Real Time Ticket Sales Summary

Monitor the ticket sales summary of each sub manager from your manager account.

Transaction Management

View every transaction and edit or delete as needed.
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