Event Integration

Connect your event to your social media streams and website, and even seamlessly integrate the ticketing widget onto your site.

Links & Buttons

Share your event on your site and other mediums by simply pasting button codes and links.

Tickets Widget

Fully and seamlessly integrate the ticketing box on your site by copy and pasting your event's javascript widget code onto your site. The ticket box will be displayed on your site and you will still be able to track all ticket sales normally.

Tracking URLs

Create different URLs to track your sales on different sites. Create one for Facebook, twitter, and your official site, and see which does better!

Event Promotion

Get the word out and make everyone know about your event!

Share Buttons

Attendees and visitors can share your event on social networks with one click on your event page.

Facebook Comments

Enable Facebook commenting on you event page. Let your attendees comment and share with their friends on Facebook.

Event Manage

Easily track and manage every aspect of your event sales.


The Real Time Attendee Check-In App is now available both on the iPhone and Android phones. Once you check an attendee in, we sync that information with the Eventbee server back-end so you can have multiple Check-Ins using multiple smart phones.
Scan IDs
Give out Scan IDs to all the people who will scan attendee tickets. You Check-In crew will all need Scan IDs.
iPhone/iPad App


Online Sales Report
Keep track of your sales with the Online Sales Report.
Attendee Report
Track who is attending your event.
Check-In Reports
See who has checked in and who still need to be checked in.
See the visualizations for your event ticket sales.

Add Attendees

Need to add attendees like special Media attendees? Manually add them to your list.

Email Attendees

Communicate with your current registered attendees!

Event Creation

You will have full reign on what kind of event you will want to host and the types of tickets you would sell to your attendees.

Event Types

You can host regular one-time events, or host recurring events. Recurring events are events that occur on multiple dates. Attendees will be able to choose from the multiple dates on the event page and purchase from different dates. This is great for recurring shows and workshops!

Registration Types

Plan on selling tickets? Host a ticketed event. If you are hosting a free event and only need to see who is RSVPed to your event and just gather some simple information, make it an RSVP event!

Ticket Types

With the powerful Eventbee Platform, you can choose from different ticket types and options to customize your registration process.

Attendee Ticket
A ticket type that will collect the attendee name and other forms of information

Non-Attendee Ticket
Non-attendee tickets are like stub tickets (think drink tickets or other forms of tickets where the name of the ticket holder is not necessary).

Private Tickets
There is also a Private Ticketing feature where you can hide tickets from the main event page, and then create a custom page URL for those hidden tickets that only people with the URL can buy.


Accept donations from your attendees by adding a donation box to your event page.

Payment Settings

CC processing
We support PayPal, Google and Third party credit card processing. You can choose whatever processing and combination thereof that is convenient to you.

Currency Setting
We support 23 international currencies with PayPal.

Other Payment Methods
You can also indicate if you are accepting other forms of payment, like checks or payment at the event itself, you can indicate it here.

Registration Form

Transaction Level
If you want to collect answers from everyone who will purchase a ticket or RSVP, make a transactional question. These questions can be optional or mandatory.

Ticket Level
If you have ticket specific questions, you can create them and attach them to the tickets you would like attendees to answer on.


Hosting an event in a seated venue? Try our easy to use seating layout system. It can support multiple seating sections for a single venue. Pre-define seats with multiple ticket types and reservations. Attendee can simply click on the desired seat(s) and buy tickets.


Want to provide a discount for your attendees? Just create the code, specify the quantity (if needed), and share the discount!

Event Customization

Fully customize the look of your event page to fit your event.

Event URL

Easily customize the URL for your event page. Just choose the name you would want, and it will show up as [youreventname].eventbee.com

Event Page Look & Feel

Look & Feel
Easily customize your event page's colors and images on the Look & Feel tab.
Need a simple look fast? Choose one of our pre-designed themes.
Know HTML & CSS and are ready to fully customize every detail of your event page? Eventbee is here to let you do that! We give you free range control on what your event page can look like. You can even make it look like it is a part of your website.

Event Page Content

You can display certain things on your event page like photos, the venue location map, and even a list of the people attending the event.

Ticket Display

Decide how you will want to show your tickets. You can hide non-available tickets, show which tickets are sold out, and much more.

Confirmation Page

Choose what you would like to show on your confirmation page. You can leave a nice message, or link your attendees back to your site. It's up to you

Confirmation Email

Customise the look and message of your confirmation email as well. You can even add promotions to your future events!

Registration Flow Wording

Adjust the wording on your event page. Are you selling tickets in another language, or if you just want to use your own organizational related terms? Change them under the Wording tab.