Social Media Event Marketing with Eventbee

Social media can be one of those many ways and can be used as a powerful tool in promoting your event and getting more attendees to your event. Spread the word and make everyone know about your event on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter! We made social media event marketing very easy by integrating many social widgets and technologies onto your event page.

Network Ticket Selling

Do you want to reward your attendees for promoting your event? No problem. You can do that with our patented Network Ticket Selling feature. Network ticket selling allows event managers to motivate attendees to market the event to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. All you have to do is enable Network Ticket Selling on your event from the event management page. Then, the attendees can post the customized link onto their Facebook or Twitter wall. The attendee’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers can click on the posted link to buy tickets. Every ticket the attendee sells through the link, they are rewarded in the form of Bee Credits. With these credits, attendees can then purchase future tickets or redeem them for other promotional incentives.

We automated social media event marketing through your attendees with our Network Ticket Selling feature.

Check out our introduction video here!

Using Share Buttons

Share buttons are an easy and effective way to share about the event that you’re promoting and for others to continue sharing that event along with their friends. It can also be a way to boost page views of your event and to see who’s been sharing your event to others.

Social media event marketing - Share buttons

Share buttons are integral part of your social media event marketing. Attendees and visitors can share your event on social networks like Facebook or Twitter with one click on your event page.

Facebook Commenting

Facebook commenting is another social media event marketing plugin that allows others to engage and talk about your event. Enabling Facebook commenting on your event page allows attendees to comment or share about the event to their friends and for others to see the comments about that event.

Social media event marketing - Facebook commenting

Facebook RSVP List

If you have a Facebook event page, you can display your Facebook RSVP list on your Eventbee event page. With this list incorporated into your page, attendees and visitors can find out who is going to the event and if any of their friends are part of the group.

Social media event marketing - Facebook RSVP

Facebook Ticketing App

Thanks to our new Facebook app, you can now have your fans buy tickets directly from the Facebook Fan Page without having to leave Facebook. Install the Facebook app directly onto your fan page, customize which events you want to sell, and they can directly buy the tickets from Facebook.

Visit following URL to install app on your fan page: