Idaho's largest business conference! This is where BIG dreams start!
This one day event promises to bring one of the world's largest names, Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Founder of the Success Principles, to a local spot. Instead of reading about massive success, YOU can be in the room with it.

If you have goals, wants, desires... if you are a man, woman, business owner, professional, at-home Mom or Dad, THIS IS YOUR EVENT!


JACK CANFIELD not only created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the world's most successful series, but he will share the Success Principles that led him to wealth and fame. This opportunity will also include a 2-Hour Success Principles Training!

KARLEEN ANDRESEN, Publisher of Idaho's #1 women in business magazine and Founder will share 10 Marketing Tips to Make Money. Although she has a marketing degree, fierce marketer best describes her ambition to see businesses get what they want. Andresen pulls back the curtain to tell the proven strategies in the new marketing world. Her strategies have driven people to the top of their industry.

NATHAN OGDEN, co-creator of We Believe, knows everyone has disabilities; however, his are more visible. From the wheelchair, he will share from Paralyzed to Powerful, his most influential tools. His goal was booking speaking opportunities, and he is booking as many as 11 speaking opportunities in six weeks.

Brought to you by the Idaho Women's Journal, this event it open to everyone who seeks success from where they stand. We believe in you!

The day admission will include access to the exclusive tradeshow with 50 vendors and access to all speaking segments and trainings.


EXCLUSIVE lunch with Jack Canfield: BEING OPENED IN JANUARY 2015. This is a separate event from the all day event. This limited to 100 people in an intimate view of a worldwide man. During the lunch, Jack will share some private thoughts and insights with those in the room. Lunch and a gift are included. No photo opps.

Lunch on Site:
If you want to remain on site, grab our gourmet lunch with gift tote included for $22. Lunch includes your choice from the gourmet salads or sandwiches, two side dishes, a drink, and dessert. Simply step up to the concessions stand, show your ticket, and make your selections. The good staff will bag it up in a lovely 18-can soft sided tote as a gift from the conference. Concessions will accommodate special diets like gluten free, nut allergies, soy or milk free, and others.

Be 1 of 50 Vendors:
If you want to be in front of a business-centric, life living group of people, this is your place. Vendors will be inside the conference room with the speakers. Guests will be attending all day, and that allows time, lunch time, and all day to peruse what you have to offer. The vendors will be provided with free training, orientation, and get first right of refusal into the next show (our last show had more than 3,000 attendees). Although there is no guarantee as to attendance, there is a great draw to see Jack Canfield. Claim your spot to be in front of a premier audience. This comes with two free tickets to the all day conference that will be provided the week before the show.

There are a very limited number of sponsorships available that include booths, tickets, and even speaking spots. These inquiries go through the Show Organizer, the Idaho Women's Journal. Please reach out via the bottom of their website:

Fri, Apr 03, 2015, 08:25 AM Start
Fri, Apr 03, 2015, 04:30 PM End
Boise Centre
850 W Front St
Boise, USA
  • Hosted by National Speakers Series & Idaho Women's Journal
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    Info Aug 18, 11:21 AM
    Doors and check in open at 7:50am
    Info Aug 18, 11:18 AM
    WAIT! We provide discounts and profit sharing. Contact your favorite business/civic/social group and ask if they have a discount code. If not, tell them to contact Karleen Andresen at 208-891-7373 to receive one. It's a $5 savings and $5 to the group.
    Alert Aug 18, 11:03 AM
    WAIT! Get your own discount code to share!! If you have at least 700 Facebook or LinkedIn followers, you can create your own promotions and receive $5 off and receive $5 profit sharing - AND receive your check on stage at the event!! Great way to promote yourself as a mover & shaker! Call or text 208-891-7373
    When: 03 Apr 2015, 08:25 AM to 03 Apr 2015, 04:30 PM. Where: Boise Centre, Boise.