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Use us for your event!

    Collecting online registration fees and entrant data can be difficult to setup and manage if you don't have a web site for your regatta. Even then, it can be overwhelming. After many requests, we have created a seamless solution to help you carry out this daunting task.

    How does it work?

    1. You start by posting your event in the EVENT section of the Hobie Social Network. This is offered for free. No charge. Feel free to post any Hobie related regatta or social event on the Network's calendar.
    2. If your event requires registration, we can help you with that process. All you do is send us the information you need to collect from your attendees (Skipper name,(HCA#, Crew Name....). Then we need to know how much the registration is for each class (Hobie 20, Hobie 17....) if you wish to sell extra meal tickets, shirts...
    3. Collecting the fee from your registrants is easy too! There are two methods; you can request a check from the registrant, accept paypal and credit card payments or both. You send us the email address for your paypal account and/or the mailing address you want the check mailed to. All funds collected go straight to you! It that simple.
    4. You will receive an updated report each week in an Excel spreadsheet with your registrant's information.

    How much does it cost?
    1. There is no cost to you.
    2. We build into each registration a $2 fee that is added and is paid by the registrant. This pays for the setup and the weekly reports you receive.
    3. Once your event has ended, we send an email invoice to your paypal account for each registration we processed. You can just click on the link to make the payment.
    4. You will receive an updated report each week in an Excel spreadsheet with your registrant's information.

    When do I receive the registration money?
    1. Immediately!
    2. You get proceeds into your PayPal account directly, the money is available to you immediately as registration sales are happening.

    Do I have to sign a contract with Hobie Social Network to get started?
    1. Never!
    2. We don't believe in locking our fellow Hobie sailors with contracts, you are free to leave whenever you want. Use this service once, twice, or from now on. We are sure that once you start using this service for your regatta, you would never want to do it any other way. We are here for you.

    Get started now! Complete the form below.
    email me clint@hcspace.org
    or call me at 405-250-6721
    Once you've completed the form below, we'll contact you via email and confirm the information. We'll build the registration form for your event and and send you a link. You can take a look at it and approve or make changes. You can add or remove information at any time.