Dzogchen Retreat with Jackson Peterson

In January 2015, Jackson Peterson will teach a 3-day workshop from his new book "The Natural Bliss of Being," regarding the theory and practice of the methods that can bring about an immediate recognition of one's own enlightened True Nature.

Dzogchen originates in the Tibetan Buddhism and is the natural, primordial state of natural condition. It represents a body of teachings and meditation practices (with techniques such as trekchö and thögal) aimed at realizing that condition. This teaching is considered the most advanced from all Tibetan Buddhism traditions and is still not widely available to the world. It is being shared by teachers like Jackson who travel the world and spread the once secret teachings attainable only in a few Tibetan monasteries.

Jackson, a US national living in Vienna, Austria, has spent over forty-seven years in pursuit of the wisdom teachings that can bring about enlightenment and liberation from personal suffering. As a result his travels to meet actual masters who were themselves accomplished in this path, took him to India, China, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Review Jackson Peterson's web site at Way of Light.

The goal of the retreat is for all participants to actually have a direct experiential recognition of this enlightened state of consciousness and to learn methods for stabilizing this realization in daily life. He will also be teaching the theory and practice of Dzogchen thogal as well as the first level of Yang Ti.

There will be ample time for "one on one" interviews to ensure the results are attained for all participants.


Retreat will take place in Florida on the shores of Atlantic Ocean and serene beaches of St. Augustine in Hampton Inn and Suites hotel in Vilano Beach. Detailed location information as well as housing and restaurants options will be included in participants' information packets.


The retreat will start on Thursday, January 29, 2015 7:30pm-10:30pm, will continue on Friday and Saturday from 9am - 10pm with two hour breaks for lunch and dinner and on Sunday from 9am-5:30pm with a break for lunch.


Retreat fee is US$200 and includes participant's share of covering Jackson's travel expenses and organizer's costs including the meeting room and daily refreshments. Participants' transportation, lodging and meals are not included. If the event sells out, email the organizer directly or advise via event's Facebook page and ask to be put on waiting list.

Tickets are non-refundable. If you purchased a ticket but can't attend, contact the organizer to get in touch with the next person on waiting list to sell them your ticket.


Please email us at Dagmar Tencer if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.


Thu, Jan 29, 2015, 07:30 PM   Start
Sun, Feb 01, 2015, 05:30 PM   End
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Hampton Inn and Suites
50 Vilano Road
St. Augustine, USA
  • Hosted by Dagmar Tencer
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  • When: 29 Jan 2015, 07:30 PM to 01 Feb 2015, 05:30 PM. Where: Hampton Inn and Suites , St. Augustine.