SF's dirtiest 1930's inspired Dance Weekend-SF Bal Fest

    Celebrate Authentic 1920's-1930's Swing at

    SF Bal Swing Fest



    Festival with bands, dance workshops, costume contests, Pin-up 
    & North American Open




      Fest on historic Treasure Island... http://www.BalboaFestival.com $30 Night Pass or $130 Full Workshop w/Night Pass by Nov. 30 for Weekend Fest (Dec. 14)... EARLY BIRD REG ... Youth free funded by your donation... Plus,  North American Open Swing Championship´╗┐

      9th year Fest Weekend in classic 1930's SWING in DANCES & CLASSES w/great teachers, dance CONTESTS & LIVE MUSIC. With your fav 1930's dances: BALBOA, LINDY & SHAG; Featuring, shows in CLASSIC VAUDEVILLE. All ages event FREE to under 15 year old YOUTH completely funded by your ticket & all volunteer run organization Swing U w/QJ. Keeping it fun, fabulous & friendly for all... 

      Register at www.SFSwingFest.EventBee.com



      $30 for 3 nights of dancing...

      $130 for early bird registration INVITE for

      first 30 people.


      WORKSHOPS by Todd Yannacone & other guests 

      3 DAYS LONG in




      & other authentic Swing Era Dances


      NORTH AMERICAN OPEN in authentic swing dances like Balboa, Shag and Lindy Hop! Plus, Any-Swing-Goes competitions

      (Any-Swing-Goes are contests in Lindy, Bal, Shag, Charleston, Jive, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing or whatever makes you swing; Compete and see who is the best at what they do): 

      FRIDAY, December 13-

      Holiday USO Ball 

      (wear Stars & Stripes or Holiday Party Hat)


      -Intergenerational (compete with someone 20 years or older age difference in Any-Swing-Goes)

      -Same Sex Dancing´╗┐  (Compete with any same gender partner in Any-Swing-Goes)

      -Jack & Jill (We will match you up and have you swtich partners in each round in Any-Swing-Goes; You are judged on your own merrits)

      SATURDAY, December 14- 

      Prohibition Repeal Anniversary Party 

      (Flapper vs. Gangster Costume Contest)


      -1920's Charleston Contest

      -Balboa Swing Open 

      -Collegiate Shag Open 

      -Bal Tempo Battle 

      (Shag, Jive, or Lindy if you can...)

      & Vaudeville Variety Show & Buskers Battle

      Vaudeville, Burlesque,

      Busker Battle (solo acts with Jazz theme), 

      & Thirty-Second Showcase 

      (partners dance a routine of their own any-swing-goes song for 30 seconds). 

      SUNDAY, December 15

      Aloha Dance on Treasure Island

       (Sailor vs. Pirate Costume Contest)

      Pirate Pin-up & NEW DAYTIME Vintage Gars (see below)


      -Lindy Hop Strictly OPEN

      Plus, NEW 

      -DOWN & DIRTY 


      (All winning 1st place competitors from weekend compete for best Any-Swing-Goes)



Fri, Dec 13, 2013, 07:00 PM   Start
Mon, Dec 16, 2013, 10:00 AM   End
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On Treasure Island at Golden Gate Rugby Club House
725 California Ave. at Avenue I, Treasure Isl. SF, CA 94130
San Francisco, USA
  • Hosted by Swing U Festivals BalboaFestival.com
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    When: 13 Dec 2013, 07:00 PM to 16 Dec 2013, 10:00 AM. Where: On Treasure Island at Golden Gate Rugby Club House, San Francisco.