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ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit

Welcome to the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010! An exploration of the latest Mobile development trends, both the technology and the emerging business applications.

Get ready to explore, think and create the future of Mobile!

May 7th, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California: the ReadWriteWeb crew is hosting some of the smartest people building the future of the mobile world and you to come together for a wonderful day of brainstorming, conversation and innovation in action.

People from companies such as Google, UrbanAirship and SimpleGeo are coming to explore the future of mobile in this unconference format. We'd love for you to come and share your thoughts about the future of mobile.

ReadWriteWeb events are facilitated in the increasingly popular unconference style, in which smart people are convened and take it upon themselves to pack a day full of value from start to finish. We've got an awesome group of people signing up to attend and you should add your name to that list.There's a whole lot to talk about.

What's an Unconference all about?

Here's the idea: convene an incredible group of people, frame the discussion, ask big important questions, then guide participants in building an agenda for the day to maximize the value of the event and minimize hot air. That's the recipe we're following, with the capable guidance of professional unconference facilitator Kaliya Hamlin.

If you're going to the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco May 4th-6th, stick around one extra day for a power-house mobile event immediately following!