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ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit: June 11, 2010, New York, NY

Following the success of our Real-Time Web Summit in Mountain View, California last Fall, ReadWriteWeb is bringing together industry leaders to discuss applications and use cases for Real-Time Web in New York City on June 11th.

The Real-Time Web is one of ReadWriteWeb's key trends of 2010 and beyond. ReadWriteWeb was one of the first publications to analyze the Real-Time Web and we've since written extensively about it. We also published a premium report on the subject last year, which featured interviews with 50 companies, developers and executives building or leveraging real-time Web technology.

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Topics at June's Real-Time Web Summit will include:

John Borthwick, Betaworks CEO, on our last real-time web event:

"It was excellent - friggin' great in fact. I hauled a handful members of my team across country for it and my only regret was that I didn't bring more of them. I'm looking forward to the next one."

Get ready to explore the future of real-time in a unique unconference format that will allow you to have intimate conversations with industry leaders in social networking, financial services, media, nonprofit and more.

We always convene high-quality conversations. Violet Blue, sex educator & internationally known author, on May's ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit:

"It was the best event I've been to in years, and I mean it. I left feeling completely energized about media, innovation, women in tech, new social models, and have so many new ideas about what I want to do next."

An Unconference

We've all been to unconferences before, but ReadWriteWeb made it feel brand new. They pulled together a really good crowd, and their facilitation set the scene for surprising and thought-provoking conversations.

Ross Turk, Director, Global Developer Community, Alcatel-Lucent

The ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Summit will be made up of a smart and diverse group of people. On the day of the Summit we will discuss the key questions about real-time, and in the process create a final conference agenda - in real time! The real-time Web is changing so fast that no predetermined agenda of talking heads on stage can do it justice.

A new Web requires new thinking. This won't be your average event, it will be very participatory with highly charged networking. Learn more about the Summit's format. Check out the video of session pitching from our last unconference event, the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit:

Watch live video from ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010 on

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