Rubber Boots on the Red Carpet

Ten years ago, Caitlin Schwarzman was planning an innovative semester program in San Francisco for the spring of 1999.  She designed curriculum, recruited girls, planned logistics and raised funds.  Her first fall fundraiser was in 1998, and it heralded the opening of an exciting new era for girls’ education.


Rubber Boots on the Red Carpet is the 10th fall event and with it we are premiering a documentary film that looks at the students of the Tall Ship Semester for Girls.  The film meshes video footage taken during each program with interviews of alumna today.  The result is a colorful tapestry of stories that show the strength of the Tall Ship Semester for Girls experience.  Come and celebrate with us at this 10th anniversary kickoff event!

To make an additional donation in honor of this event, please visit our website.