Eventbee gives complete control and flexibility of how you manage your event. You can even make it free event ticketing software with the options that we provide to you.

Understanding Event Ticketing Fees

When you use online event ticketing software or service, there are two types of fees that you will be paying:

Service Fees:

Our service fee is $1 per ticket sold for basic ticketing going up to $3.50 for Business Ticketing. Regardless of the ticket price, our service fee stays the same - there are no additional percentage fees like other companies. For complete details, visit

Credit Card Processing Fees:

Depending on the payment processing provider you would like to use, you will pay a credit card processing fee to them. We support credit card processing from PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and These providers charge around 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

Free Event Ticketing Software by Collecting Fees from the Attendees

You have complete control over all the fees that you collect from attendees.

Collecting Service Fee from the attendee:

Under Ticketing Fees, select "Collect from the attendee" for Eventbee Service Fees.

Free event ticketing software - Ticket settings
Collecting Credit Card Processing Fees from the attendee:

Under Ticketing Fees, select "Collect from the attendee" for Credit Card Processing Fees.

Free event ticketing software - Payment settings

Please note – Eventbee does not charge any hidden fees, and there are no contracts. We will not charge any setup fees or monthly fees. With our flat fee model, you not only save on ticketing costs, but you can also make our ticketing system as free event ticketing software by collecting both the service fees and the credit card processing fees from your attendees.

Free Event Ticketing Software + Collecting Additional Fees

You can also collect any additional fees from your attendees towards the event at ticket level and transaction level.

  • To collect more fees at ticket level, set higher fees than Eventbee service fee in "Ticketing Fees". The additional fees collected goes to you.
  • To collect more fees at transaction level, set higher fees than what you pay to your credit card processing provider in "Ticketing Fees".