Sell Tickets On Facebook With Eventbee Facebook Ticketing App

Eventbee has a Facebook Ticketing App that allows event managers to sell tickets on Facebook directly to their fans on their Facebook fan page. The Eventbee App is designed to help event managers use the power of social media to reach fans and followers, plus sell more tickets to a wider audience on Facebook.

Facebook Ticketing Requirements

To use the Eventbee Facebook Ticketing App, you must have a Facebook fan page with at least 2000 fans.

Adding Eventbee App to your Facebook Fan Page

To add the Eventbee App to your Facebook Fan Page, follow the instructions below:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Click " Install Facebook Eventbee Ticketing Application to your Fan Page."
  3. 3. Select which Fan Page you would like to add the app to (if you have more than one Fan Page), then click "Add Page Tab". Facebook requires you to have minimum 2000 Facebook fans to add the app.
  4. 4. Click Okay in permission pages.
  5. 5. You will see an Eventbee Login page. If you are an existing Eventbee customer, enter your Eventbee login information. If not, signup for an
    account at
  6. 6. After successful Eventbee login, you will be taken to the Manager Settings page, where you can customize events to show.

That’s it! Eventbee’s "Buy Tickets" tab is visible to all your fans and they can now buy tickets directly from your Facebook fan page.

TIP: If the "Buy Tickets" tab is not visible on your fan page, click on "More", then "Manage Tabs", and move "Buy Tickets" up to a position where fans can see it when they enter your fan page.

Features of Eventbee Facebook Ticketing App

Some of the features that Eventbee offers to sell tickets on Facebook with its Facebook Ticketing App include:

  • Ability to create a "Buy Tickets" tab on your Facebook fan page to allow attendees to buy tickets directly from Facebook.
  • Linking a "Buy Tickets" tab to one event or to all of your events to allow attendees to buy from one or multiple events.
  • Customize your tab image and wording to reflect the design of your event.
  • Track ticket sales from your Facebook Fan Page to find how many people have bought tickets and make changes based on those sales.

The Eventbee Facebook Ticketing App is a great tool to sell tickets on Facebook, for driving traffic to your Facebook fan page and for promoting your events to your fans and followers. Start selling tickets on Facebook from your Facebook Fan Page!