Sell Venue Reserved Seating Tickets Online With Eventbee

Eventbee has the features and customizations to power any type of theater box office ticketing or venue ticketing.

Customizable Layouts & Digitization

Venues can be anything. They come in different shapes and sizes, from performing arts centers to theatres. Here at Eventbee, we digitize your venue so, that you can set and handle the amount of seats, making it quick and easy for you to sell reserved seating tickets to attendees.
Venue Size and Number of Seats

Here at Eventbee, we’ll work with event managers to build and personalize your ideal map that meets your requirements with any kind of configurations or specifications that you may require for reserved seating ticketing.

Seat Assignment

Eventbee’s online tools and tips allow you to make managing reserved seating easier. Our step-by-step process will help you set up and manage how you choose which seats to sell for what ticket types and prices. Also, you can change the ticket types and prices for those seats based on the demand for your event.

Ticket Sales

Attendees who visit your page will see the digitized venue layout, select preferred seats, and make the purchase. We send out a confirmation email with seats selected to the attendee, which makes it easy for you to check-in the attendees and seat them at the designated location.

Easy Management

Our easy-to-use tools allow you to dynamically change seat assignments, ticket prices, etc. You can even designate seats for handicapped purchases. The extensive attendee reports with reserved seating information will make it easy for you to check-in attendees at the venue. You can also use our Event Manager app on Android devices for easier check-in of attendees.