Online Registration and Ticketing - Eventbee FAQ
1. Who is Eventbee?

Founded in 2003, Eventbee provides ticketing services to over 100,000 event managers worldwide. We operate with a single mission: Maximizing ticket sales while providing the best technology for event managers around the world. We disrupted the industry by introducing our simple flat fee pricing model. Regardless of price or currency, our prices stay the same!

2. How does Eventbee work?

Eventbee is user friendly, and setting up an event is very simple. Just follow these three steps:

  1. 1) Sign up for your free account at
  2. 2) Create your event and ticket information
  3. 3) Start selling tickets on your own website, facebook fan page, and many other media tools!

When someone buys a ticket to your event, they will receive an email confirmation with a QR code and any information that is needed for easy check in. You can monitor ticket sales in real-time from your account, and generate attendee reports at any time.

For a more in-depth description about how Eventbee works, please visit

3. What event management features do you have?

We have used our 20+ years of industry experience to implement great technology so that our users can easily manage their events from start to finish. Please visit our features page to learn more:

4. What event promotion features do you have?

Eventbee has great social sharing capabilities integrated throughout our site:

  • Social media sharing tools on event page
  • Facebook commenting integrated into event page and user profile
  • Facebook RSVP list that directly displays attendees and drives traffic to your event page
  • Network ticket selling: Tap your attendees to sell tickets for you

5. What are the fees using Eventbee service?

There are two fees that you will be paying with online ticketing:

Flat Service Fee
For complete details, please visit

Attendee Booking Fee
Effective Feb 5th, 2024, to mitigate our increased operating costs due to the inflation, we have introduced a 1% attendee booking fee. We collect this fee from the attendees on the total purchase with no additional costs to you.

Credit Card Processing Fees
Depending on which processing service you decide to use, you will pay a credit card processing fee to them.We support PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and  processing.

You have complete control over which fees you collect from the attendee. Following are the three options:

  • Collect the service fee and the credit card processing fee from your attendees
  • Split the fees with your attendees
  • Pay the service fee and the credit card processing fee yourself

Note, the service fee collected from the attendee doesn't go directly to us, it goes to you. We generate weekly invoices to collect our fee from you.

6. When do I receive ticket sale proceeds?

If you are using PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and for credit card processing, money instantly goes to your account.

7. How much do I save by switching to Eventbee?

Most customers save a huge amount of money by switching to Eventbee. We encourage you to check our custom savings calculator at to see how much you will save by switching to Eventbee!

8. We are a non-profit, do you have special pricing?

Yes! We offer a 25c discount on our Business, Advanced and Pro ticketing for non-profit events. For complete details, visit

9. Can I see a sample event page?

We have many types of events to show you. Here are a few:

Simple event: Click here to view an event that uses basic ticketing features

Recurring event: Click here to view the event ticketing for a show that is recurring everyday

Venue seating event: Click here to view the digitized venue and selling tickets using reserved seating features.

Do I have to sign a contract with Eventbee to get started?

No. We value your flexibility, and we are confident that once you begin using Eventbee, you won’t want to switch! We don’t lock our customers into contracts.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Click here to contact our support, we have 24x7 email customer support.

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